Bibliography for NIH proposals

NIH requires adding PMCID to references cited in proposals, and PMCID may be difficult to add because many reference libraries and citation styles omit them. As a result, some colleagues add them manually, which is rather time consuming. To avoid this drudgery, I wrote a couple of scripts available from this GitHub repository that allow adding PMCID automatically to proposals using LaTeX/BibTeX/Biber. The scripts use the paper’s DOI to find the corresponding PMCID and then add both types of IDs to each reference that has them.

Scripts and usage

  • The script extracts digital object identifiers (DOIs) from the bbl file. Run it as: perl Your_bbl_file.bbl. It will output the DOIs in a file named DOIs_Your_bbl_file.bbl
  • Take the DOIs from DOIs_Your_bbl_file.bbl and input them into to extract in batch all corresponding PMCIDs. Save the output as csv file in ids.csv, which is an option of the website.
  • The script adds PMCIDs to the bbl file. Run it as: perl ids.csv Your_bbl_file.bbl. This will output _Your_bbl_file.bbl file that should contain the PMCID added at the end of each reference that had a DOI with a corresponding PMCID.

Working example


  • This strategy requires that your bibliography outputs DOIs in the bbl file, so any modifications should preserve this feature.
  • Depending on the formatting of the DOIs output in your bbl file, you may need to change the regular expressions in the perl scripts a bit.

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